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Photo Gallery

Here are some photos taken by Dave Rust and his tripmates during their journeys
into the wild places of southern Utah and northern Arizona.

pack mule on Aquarius Plateau

Dave Rust packing a mule below the Aquarius Plateau, August 1920.



Rust in boat Bright Angel Creek

Rust in his King canvas boat, Grand Canyon, 1909.
This photo was taken by his friend Emery Kolb on an upriver excursion from Rust's camp at the mouth of Bright Angel Creek.



Dave &Will in Bromide Basin

Dave (left) and his brother Will at their prospecting camp in the Henry Mountains, summer 1899. The Rust brothers were working claims in Bromide Basin with their friend Nathaniel Galloway, who may have taken this photo.



tram car at cable crossing

Dave titled this photo "First Passengers on Tram." These hardy souls are about to be slung over the Colorado River on the cable crossing installed in 1906-07 by Rust and his fellow workers with the Grand Canyon Transportation Company.



Fording Virgin River

Fording the East Fork of the Virgin River below Parunuweap Canyon, July 1914. George C. Fraser and his son, shown here, were Rust's companions on three lengthy expeditions during the summers of 1914, 1915, and 1916.



Western Temple, Zion National Park

The Western Temple of the Mukuntuweap, now part of Zion National Park, as seen from the Crawford Ranch in 1914. Rust guided parties in Zion from 1909-1927.


Photos courtesy of the Dave Rust and George C. Fraser families