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Fred Swanson Photo by Bessann Swanson


About the Author

More than fifty years ago my family moved from the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest, where I became enthralled with its tall firs, glacier-carved mountains, and transparent rivers. Before long I was exploring the region's wilderness areas like so many of us did in the 1960s and 1970s. After twenty-five years working as an editor and publications designer, eleven of which were spent in the wonderful state of Montana, I decided to write full-time. I've been fortunate to be able to tell the story of some of the greatest wild lands in the western states and the men and women who knew and loved them.

These days I make my home in the foothills of Utah’s Wasatch Range, where the birds and mammals that pass through our neighborhood remind me of the real world out there. My books and articles deal with the history, use, and misuse of public lands during the twentieth century, with particular focus on wilderness areas, national parks, and national forests. I hope you'll join me in learning about and helping to protect these lands.

Do let me hear from you – I’m always interested in meeting and corresponding with others who have been touched by wild nature. Thanks for your interest!

Fred Swanson

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P.S. You can check out my wife Bessann's excellent watercolor paintings here.